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pleasure in English

  • pleasure
    expr. at one's pleasure, as or when one pleases; at will; at discretion.
    Ex. ... whom the housekeeper ... huffed about at her pleasure (Scott).

  • pleasure
    expr. during one's pleasure, while one pleases.
    Ex. ... a Secretary ... who shall hold office during Her Majesty's pleasure (Acts of Parliament).

  • pleasure
    expr. take pleasure, to be pleased; delight.
    Ex. I take pleasure in introducing the next speaker.

  • pleasure
    noun 1. a feeling of being pleased; enjoyment; delight; joy.
    Ex. The boy's pleasure in the gift was obvious. Pleasure, not gold, is now the quest (New Yorker).
    2. something that pleases; cause of joy or delight.
    Ex. It would be a pleas

  • pleasure
    pleasure, noun, verb, -ured,-uring.

  • pleasure
    v.i. 1. to take pleasure; delight.
    2. (Informal.) to go out for pleasure.

  • pleasure
    v.t. to give pleasure to; please; gratify.

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