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pledge in Maithili মৈথিলী

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pledge in English

  • pledge
    expr. take (or sign) the pledge, to promise not to drink alcoholic liquor.
    Ex. Once, the mere picture of a ragged urchin crouched outside a snowbound inn waiting for her father to emerge drunk with the comforts of beer ... was enough to make strong

  • pledge
    noun pledger.

  • pledge
    noun 1. a solemn promise.
    Ex. a pledge to support a candidate. He made a pledge to give money to charity. The drunkard signed a pledge never to drink again.
    (SYN) covenant, vow.
    2. something that secures or makes safe; security.

  • pledge
    pledge, noun, verb, pledged,pledging.

  • pledge
    v.t. 1. to promise solemnly; undertake to give.
    Ex. to pledge $100 to a charity. We pledge allegiance to the flag.
    2. to cause to promise solemnly; bind by a promise.
    Ex. to pledge hearers to secrecy.
    3. to give as security. <

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