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  • plume
    adj. plumeless.

  • plume
    adj. plumelike.

  • plume
    expr. plume oneself on, to be proud of; show pride in oneself.
    Ex. She plumed herself on skill in dancing.

  • plume
    noun 1. a feather, especially a large, long feather.
    Ex. The rooster lost one of his plumes in the fight with the cat.
    2. a feather, bunch of feathers, or tuft of hair worn as an ornament on a hat or helmet.
    Ex. Her photograph ... show

  • plume
    plume, noun, verb, plumed,pluming.

  • plume
    v.i. to form a plumelike cloud, as spray, vapor, or smoke does.
    Ex. In the sub-zero weather, their exhausts pluming white in the gray streets (Newsweek).

  • plume
    v.t. 1. to furnish with plumes.
    Ex. The knight plumed his helmet with brilliant red feathers.
    2. to smooth or arrange the feathers of.
    Ex. The eagle plumed its wing.
    (SYN) preen.

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