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  • ready
    adj. 1. prepared for action or use at once; prepared.
    Ex. Dinner is ready. We were ready to start at nine. The soldiers are ready for battle. The cannons are pointed, and ready to roar (Byron).
    2. willing.
    Ex. She is ready to forgive.

  • ready
    expr. make ready, to prepare.
    Ex. His companions made ready to fight (William Longman).

  • ready
    expr. ready up, to make ready; prepare for a special purpose.
    Ex. It was the women's job to ready up the house for the party; the men went out to buy the food and drinks.

  • ready
    noun 1. the condition or position of being prepared for action.
    Ex. The soldiers walked down the road with their guns at the ready.
    2. (Slang.) ready money; cash.

  • ready
    ready, adjective, readier,readiest,verb, readied,readying,noun.

  • ready
    v.t. to make ready; prepare.
    Ex. The explorers readied themselves for the winter expedition.

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