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say in English

  • say
    adv. 1. about; approximately.
    Ex. You can learn to dance in, say, ten lessons.
    2. such as; for example.
    Ex. Pick any card, say the ten of diamonds.

  • say
    expr. not to say, to use a more moderate word or statement than.
    Ex. His language was irreverent, not to say blasphemous.

  • say
    expr. that is to say, that is; in other words.
    Ex. She invited us to her birthday party on Labor Day; that is to say, next Monday.

  • say
    expr. to say nothing of, without mentioning.
    Ex. She is a beautiful young woman, to say nothing of her kindness and generosity.

  • say
    expr. when all is said and done, in the end; in the last analysis; ultimately.
    Ex. When all is said and done, a person's most important possession is his health.

  • say
    expr. You can say that again! or You said it!, (Slang.) I agree with you completely.
    Ex. ""That was a terrific game, wasn't it?"" ""You can say that again!""

  • say
    expr. You don't say, (Informal.) really; indeed; I am surprised.
    Ex. ""Our service is the best in the world,"" the hotel manager said. ""You don't say,"" I replied.

  • say
    noun sayer.

  • say
    noun 1. what a person says or has to say.
    Ex. I said my say and sat down.
    2. a turn or chance to say something.
    Ex. Has everyone had his say? If so, let's vote on the matter.
    3. the right, power, or authority to make or help to

  • say
    say, verb, said,saying,adverb, noun.

  • say
    v.i. 1. to say words; talk.
    Ex. So he says.
    2. to express an opinion.

  • say
    v.t. 1. to speak.
    Ex. What did you say? Mother has taught me always to say ""please"" and ""thank you."" And Enid could not say one tender word (Tennyson).
    (SYN) utter, articulate, enunciate.
    2. to put into words; declare; express; st

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