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  • stomach
    expr. turn one's stomach, to nauseate; disgust extremely.
    Ex. This filthy smile ... Quite turns my stomach (Alexander Pope).

  • stomach
    noun 1a. the large muscular bag in the body which first receives the food and digests some of it before passing it on to the intestines. In human beings, it is a saclike dilation of the alimentary canal, occupying the upper part of the left side of the a

  • stomach
    stomach, noun, verb.

  • stomach
    v.i. (Obsolete.) to be offended (at).
    Ex. What one ... doth not stomach at such contradiction? (Richard Hooker).

  • stomach
    v.t. 1. to be able to eat or keep in one's stomach.
    2. (Figurative.) to put up with; bear; endure.
    Ex. He could not stomach such an insult. They could stomach even the fugitive slave law if--and only if--they could be sure that some day no s

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