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body in English

  • body
    adrenal gland orbody
    either of two very small ductless glands, one on the upper part of each kidney, that secrete adrenalin; suprarenal gland. The outer layer or cortex secretes corticosterone and other important steroid hormones and the inner part

  • body
    body, noun, pl.bodies,verb, bodied,bodying.

  • body
    expr. body forth,
    a. to give a real form to.
    Ex. The committee bodied forth its findings in an official report.
    b. to be a sign of; represent; typify.
    Ex. Both as egoist and as patriot M. de Lesseps bodies forth the age (Spectat

  • body
    expr. in a body, as a unit; in a group; all together.
    Ex. The old management was swept out of office, virtually in a body (Canadian Saturday Night).

  • body
    expr. keep body and soul together, to keep barely alive.
    Ex. The poor farmer's stock of food was barely enough to keep body and soul together through the long winter.

  • body
    expr. over one's dead body, (Informal.) against one's determined opposition.
    Ex. Harold Wilson is on record as saying that grammar schools will be abolished ""over my dead body"" (Manchester Guardian Weekly).

  • body
    noun 1. the whole material or physical part of a person, animal, or plant.
    Ex. This boy has a strong, healthy body.
    2. the main part of an animal from which other parts, such as the head, limbs, or tail, stick out.
    Ex. The dog rolled o

  • body
    pituitary gland orbody
    a small, oval endocrine gland situated at the base of the brain of most vertebrates, in a cavity of the sphenoid bone; hypophysis; master gland. It secretes hormones that promote growth, stimulate and regulate other glands, ra

  • body
    v.t. 1. to provide with a body; embody.
    2. to give substance or density to.
    Ex. The most important application of these new clay compounds is ... to 'body' lubricating oils (Science News).
    3. body forth (see idiom below).

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