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  • lock
    (combining form.) complete stoppage; paralysis; jam.
    Ex. Crowds brimmed the streets conquering gridlock, boatlock, a taxi strike cablock (New York Times).

  • lock
    adj. lockable.

  • lock
    expr. lock on,
    a. (of a radar) to fix upon and automatically follow a moving object.
    Ex. The radar locked on the missile and tracked it until it landed in the desert.
    b. to aim missiles, shells, or bombs at (a target), as by radar.

  • lock
    expr. lock out, to refuse to give work to (workers) until they accept the employer's terms.
    Ex. Large funds are subscribed, out of which labourers on strike or locked out are supported (James E. Rogers).

  • lock
    expr. lock the wheels (or brakes). See under wheel.

  • lock
    expr. lock, stock, and barrel, (Informal.) completely; entirely.
    Ex. It is thus the only foreign city in the world run lock, stock, and barrel by the U.S. Navy (Time).

  • lock
    expr. locks, the hair of the head.

  • lock
    expr. under lock and key, locked up; in a place that is locked.
    Ex. Under lock and key, in the ... store room (H. Stuart).

  • lock
    lock (1), noun, verb.

  • lock
    lock (2), noun.
    1. a curl of hair of the head.
    Ex. Like the white lock of Whistler (G. K. Chesterton).
    2. a small portion of hair, wool, flax, or cotton.

  • lock
    noun 1. a means of fastening (doors, boxes, windows, and similar things), consisting of a bolt and usually needing a key of special shape to open it.
    Ex. Our front door has a lock. But what can Miss Emily want with a box ... without any locks? (Wal

  • lock
    v.i. 1. to be locked; be capable of being locked.
    Ex. The door will not lock with his key.
    2. to become fixed or set fast; become locked.
    Ex. This gear has locked. Two cars locked together in passing.
    3. to go or pass by means o

  • lock
    v.t. 1. to fasten with a lock.
    Ex. Lock and bar the door.
    2. to shut (something in or out or up).
    Ex. to lock something in a closet, to lock a building up for the night. We lock up jewels in a safe. Where'er she lie, Locked up from mor

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