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bundle in English

  • bundle
    bundle, noun, verb, -dled,-dling.

  • bundle
    expr. bundle up, to dress warmly.
    Ex. You should bundle up on cold winter mornings.

  • bundle
    noun bundler.

  • bundle
    noun 1. a number of things tied or wrapped together.
    Ex. a bundle of rags, a bundle of firewood.
    2. a parcel; package.
    Ex. We sent my uncle a large bundle on his birthday.
    3. a number of things considered together; bunch.

  • bundle
    v.i. 1. to go or leave in a hurry.
    Ex. They bundled down to town in a cab to catch the next train.
    2. to conduct a courtship, fully dressed, in bed, as couples did in New England in colonial days.

  • bundle
    v.t. 1. to tie or wrap together; make into a bundle.
    Ex. We bundled all our old newspapers and set them out at the curb.
    2. to send in a hurry; hustle.
    Ex. They bundled me off to the hospital in an ambulance.
    3. to collect; gath

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