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half in English

  • half
    adj. 1. making half of; needing as much more to make a whole.
    Ex. a half pound, a half barrel.
    2. not complete; being only part of.
    Ex. A half truth is often no better than a lie.
    (SYN) partial, imperfect, incomplete.

  • half
    adv. 1. to a half of the full amount or degree.
    Ex. half cooked, a glass half full of milk. This government cannot endure ... half slave and half free (Abraham Lincoln).
    2. not completely; partly.
    Ex. She spoke half aloud.
    3. al

  • half
    expr. by half, by a great deal; by far.
    Ex. He is the better player by half.

  • half
    expr. by halves. See under halves.

  • half
    expr. half past (or after), (in stating the time of day) half an hour past the hour named.
    Ex. The train arrives at half past seven.

  • half
    expr. not half,
    a. a slight extent; a long way from.
    Ex. I am not half done with the housework. They were not half well provided to go away upon the spur (Thomas Stocker).
    b. not at all; the reverse of.
    Ex. not half bad.

  • half
    half, noun, pl.halves,adjective, adverb.

  • half
    noun halfness.

  • half
    noun 1. one of two equal parts into which a thing is or may be divided.
    Ex. A half of 4 is 2. Two halves make a whole.
    2. one of two nearly equal parts.
    Ex. Which is the bigger half?
    3. one of the two equal periods of active pla

  • half
    stand-off halfback orhalf
    (Rugby Football.) the halfback who takes a position between the scrum-half and the three-quarter back; outside half.

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