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opposite in English

  • opposite
    adj. 1. placed against; as different in direction as can be; face to face or back to back.
    Ex. The house straight across the street is opposite to ours.
    2. as different as can be; just contrary.
    Ex. North and south are opposite directi

  • opposite
    adv. in an opposite position or direction; on opposite sides.
    Ex. to sit opposite.

  • opposite
    adv. oppositely.

  • opposite
    noun oppositeness.

  • opposite
    noun 1. a thing or person as different as can be.
    Ex. Black is the opposite of white. A brave person is the opposite of a coward.
    2. (Obsolete.) an antagonist; adversary; opponent.
    Ex. By the law of arms thou wast not bound to answer A

  • opposite
    opposite, adjective, noun, preposition, adverb.

  • opposite
    prep. opposite to.
    Ex. opposite the church. Wait for me in the building opposite the bank.

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