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  • father
    expr. (the) fathers,
    a. the leading men of a city or an assembly.
    Ex. With the civic fathers of Los Angeles and San Francisco offering slightly less than the Santa Anita race track ... to attract them, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York G

  • father
    expr. be gathered to one's fathers, to die and be buried.
    Ex. No change was to be made till MacFinnan Dhu had been gathered to his fathers (James A. Froude).

  • father
    expr. father upon, to attribute to.
    Ex. Opponents have fathered upon me the slogan: ""Better red than dead"" (Bertrand Russell).

  • father
    expr. the Father,
    a. God.
    Ex. Love and honour be to the Father of heaven (Sir Thomas Malory).
    b. the First Person of the Trinity.
    Ex. Honour, laud, and praise addressing To the Father and the Son (John M. Neale).

  • father
    father, noun, verb.

  • father
    noun 1. a male parent.
    Ex. The father of a family tries to take good care of his wife and children.
    2. a person who is like a father.
    3a. a male ancestor; forefather.
    Ex. the customs of our fathers. Four score and seven years ag

  • father
    v.t. 1. to be the father of.
    Ex. He fathered eleven sons.
    2. to take care of as a father does; act as a father to.
    Ex. to father an orphan.
    3. (Figurative.) to be the cause of; make; originate.
    Ex. Edison fathered many inv

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