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real in English

  • real
    adj. 1. existing as a fact; not imagined or made up; actual; true.
    Ex. real pleasure, a real experience, the real reason.
    2. genuine; not artificial.
    Ex. the real thing, a real diamond, real money.
    (SYN) authentic.
    3. (La

  • real
    adv. (Informal.) very; extremely.
    Ex. real soon. It was real kind of you to come.

  • real
    expr. for real, (Slang.)
    a. in reality; really.
    Ex. Prove to your loved ones that you're a Christian, for real (San Francisco Chronicle).
    b. real; actual; possible.
    c. genuine; authentic.
    Ex. ""Here's Love""--something ab

  • real
    noun something real or having a real existence.

  • real
    real (1), adjective, adverb, noun.

  • real
    real (2), noun, pl.reals,(Spanish.)reales.
    a former small silver coin of Spain and Spanish America, worth about 12 1/2 cents. It was widely used in the American colonies at one time and was referred to as a ?bit.

  • real
    real (3), noun.
    singular of reis.

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