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  • aggregate
    adj. 1a. total.
    b. gathered together in one mass or group.
    (SYN) combined, collective.
    2. (Botany.) consisting of many florets arranged in a dense mass.
    Ex. an aggregate flower.
    3. (Geology.) composed of different minera

  • aggregate
    adv. aggregately.

  • aggregate
    aggregate, noun, adjective, verb, -gated,-gating.

  • aggregate
    expr. in the aggregate, taken together; considered as a whole; collectively.
    Ex. The payments on our house amount in the aggregate to a big sum of money. Our judgment of a man's character is derived from observing a number of successive acts, formi

  • aggregate
    noun aggregateness.

  • aggregate
    noun aggregator.

  • aggregate
    noun 1. total amount; sum.
    Ex. The aggregate of all the gifts was over $100.
    2. a mass of separate things joined together; combined mass; collection.
    Ex. A lump of sugar is an aggregate of sugar crystals.
    3. any material, such a

  • aggregate
    v.i. to come together in a mass; accumulate.

  • aggregate
    v.t. 1. to amount to; come to; total.
    Ex. The money collected will aggregate $1,000.
    2. to gather together in a mass or whole; collect; unite.
    Ex. Granite is made of small particles aggregated together.
    (SYN) mass.

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