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ate in Hindi हिन्दी

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ate in Urdu اُردُو

ate in English

  • ate
    -ate (1),
    (suffix forming adjectives, verbs, and nouns,)
    1. of or having to do with ______.
    Ex. Collegiate = having to do with college.
    2. having; containing ______.
    Ex. Compassionate = having compassion.
    3. having t

  • ate
    -ate (2),
    (suffix forming nouns.) salt made from ______ic acid.
    Ex. Sulfate = salt made from sulfuric acid.

  • ate
    -ate (3),
    (suffix forming nouns.) office, rule, or condition of ______.
    Ex. Caliphate = rule of a caliph.

  • ate
    ate (1), verb.
    past tense of eat.
    Ex. Father ate his dinner an hour ago.

  • ate
    ate (2), noun.
    infatuation or mad impulse, sometimes personified, as in Greek drama.

  • Ate
    Ate, noun.
    (Greek Mythology.) the goddess of recklessness and mischief, who incited men to rash deeds, later regarded as the goddess of punishment or revenge.

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