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camouflage in Hindi हिन्दी

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camouflage in Malayalam മലയാളം

camouflage in English

  • camouflage
    camouflage, noun, verb, -flaged,-flaging.

  • camouflage
    noun camouflager.

  • camouflage
    noun 1. a disguise or false appearance in order to conceal; protective coloration. The white fur of a polar bear is a natural camouflage; it prevents the bear's being easily seen against the snow.
    2a. giving soldiers, weapons, vehicles, planes, or

  • camouflage
    v.i. to engage in camouflage; conceal by or as if by camouflage.
    Ex. We camouflaged in the bushes and no one saw us.

  • camouflage
    v.t. to give a false appearance to in order to conceal; disguise.
    Ex. to camouflage a plain sponge cake with frosting. The hunters were camouflaged with branches so that they blended with the trees. (Figurative.) The boy camouflaged his embarrassm

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