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cord in English

  • cord
    adj. cordlike.

  • cord
    cord, noun, verb.

  • cord
    expr. cords, trousers made of corduroy.
    Ex. our sprightly gentleman in the scarlet jacket and white cords (Theodore Hook).

  • cord
    noun corder.

  • cord
    noun 1. a thick string; very thin rope.
    Ex. He tied the package with a cord.
    2. something resembling a cord.
    3. an insulated cable with fittings, used to connect an electrical appliance, such as an iron or a lamp, to a socket.

  • cord
    v.t. 1. to fasten or tie with a cord or cords.
    Ex. He corded the bundle of rags to carry it easily.
    2. to provide with a cord or cords.
    Ex. The window sashes need to be corded.
    3. to pile (wood) in cords.
    Ex. They [trees]

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