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curry in English

  • curry
    curry (1), transitive verb, -ried,-rying.
    1. to rub and clean (a horse) with a brush or currycomb.
    2. to prepare (tanned leather) for use by soaking, scraping, beating, or coloring.
    3. to beat; thrash.

  • curry
    curry (2), noun, pl.-ries,verb, -ried,-rying.

  • curry
    expr. curry favor. See under favor.

  • curry
    noun 1. a peppery sauce made from a mixture of spices, seeds, and turmeric. Curry is a popular seasoning in India.
    2. curry powder.
    3. a food flavored with curry.

  • curry
    v.t. to prepare or flavor (food) with curry.

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