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doubt in English

  • doubt
    doubt, verb, noun.

  • doubt
    expr. beyond doubt, surely; certainly.
    Ex. He is beyond doubt the smartest boy in the class.

  • doubt
    expr. no doubt,
    a. certainly; surely.
    Ex. No doubt we will win in the end.
    b. probably.
    Ex. No doubt you're right, but others don't agree.

  • doubt
    expr. without doubt, surely; certainly.
    Ex. You can accept his decision without doubt.

  • doubt
    noun doubter.

  • doubt
    noun 1. difficulty in believing; lack of trust or confidence; uncertainty.
    Ex. Faith casts out doubt.
    2. a feeling of uncertainty; uncertain state of mind.
    Ex. We were in doubt as to the right road.
    3. an uncertain condition of

  • doubt
    v.i. to be uncertain or undecided.
    Ex. O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? (Matthew 14:31).

  • doubt
    v.t. 1. to not believe or trust; not be sure of; feel uncertain about.
    Ex. The captain doubted whether the leaking ship would reach land. I doubt that he wrote the letter.
    (SYN) mistrust, question.
    2. (Archaic.) to be afraid of; fear.

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