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earnest in Dogri डोगरी

earnest in Tamil தமிழ்

earnest in English

  • earnest
    adj. 1. strong and firm in purpose; eager and serious.
    Ex. The earnest pupil tried very hard to do his best.
    (SYN) sincere, diligent, zealous.
    2. important.
    Ex. Life is real, life is earnest (Longfellow).

  • earnest
    adv. earnestly.

  • earnest
    earnest (1), adjective, noun.

  • earnest
    earnest (2), noun.
    1. a part given or done in advance as a pledge for the rest.
    Ex. Take this money as an earnest of the amount I still owe you. Part of the price he paid to the seller was an earnest that the rest would be paid.
    2. (Fig

  • earnest
    expr. in earnest, determined or sincere; serious.
    Ex. The young man is in earnest about becoming a famous painter.

  • earnest
    noun earnestness.

  • earnest
    noun seriousness (of intention or purpose).

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