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  • fume
    fume, noun, verb, fumed,fuming.

  • fume
    noun 1. Often, fumes. a vapor, gas, or smoke, especially if harmful, strong, or odorous.
    Ex. The strong fumes of the automobile exhaust nearly choked him. The designs of his bright imagination were never etched by the sharp fumes of necessity (Fran

  • fume
    v.i. 1. to give off vapor, gas, or smoke.
    Ex. The candle fumed, sputtered, and went out. Staggering off, he fumed with brandy.
    (SYN) smoke.
    2. to pass off in fumes.
    3. (Figurative.) to show anger or irritation; let off one's ra

  • fume
    v.t. 1. to treat with smoke or fumes; fumigate.
    Ex. to fume oak.
    2. (Archaic.) to send forth or emit as vapor.

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