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  • hip
    adj. hipless.

  • hip
    adj. hiplike.

  • hip
    adj. 1. informed; up-to-date; hep.
    2. of or having to do with hipsters or their style, language, or other characteristics.

  • hip
    adv. hiply.

  • hip
    expr. hip and thigh, with overwhelming blows; unsparingly.
    Ex. He smote them hip and thigh with a great slaughter (Judges 15:8).

  • hip
    expr. on (or upon) the hip, at a disadvantage (originally applied to wrestling).
    Ex. I'll have our Michael Cassio on the hip (Shakespeare).

  • hip
    expr. shoot from the hip, (Slang.) to speak or act in an impulsive and reckless manner.
    Ex. Shooting from the hip is no substitute for careful analysis (Wall Street Journal).

  • hip
    hip (1), noun, verb, hipped,hipping.

  • hip
    hip (2), noun.
    the seedcase containing the ripe seed of a rosebush.
    Ex. The oaks bear mast, the briers scarlet hips (Shakespeare).

  • hip
    hip (3), interjection.
    an exclamation used in cheering or calling for a cheer.
    Ex. Hip, hip, hurrah!

  • hip
    hip (4), adjective, noun, verb, hipped,hipping.
    (U.S. Slang.)

  • hip
    hip (5), noun, verb, hipped,hipping.

  • HIP
    HIP(no periods),
    Health Insurance Plan (of Greater New York).

  • hip
    noun hipness.

  • hip
    noun low spirits; the blues.

  • hip
    noun 1. hipster.
    2. the condition of being smart and stylish.
    Ex. Grooviness [at the discotheque] merges with aplomb, and hip attains a state akin to quiet well-being (New Yorker).

  • hip
    noun 1a. the part that sticks out on each side of the body below a person's waist where the leg joins the body; haunch.
    b. the ball-and-socket joint formed by the upper thighbone and the pelvis; hip joint.
    2. a similar part in animals where

  • hip
    v.t. to keep informed; alert; wise up.
    Ex. to be hipped on a plan.

  • hip
    v.t. to make sad or depressed.

  • hip
    v.t. 1. (Architecture.) to form (a roof) with a hip or hips.
    2. to dislocate or injure the hip of.
    3. (U.S.) to carry on the hip.

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