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leg in Dogri डोगरी

leg in Kashmiri कॉशुर

leg in Konkani कोंकणी

leg in Maithili মৈথিলী

leg in Malayalam മലയാളം

leg in Nepali नेपाली

leg in Sindhi سنڌي

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leg in Urdu اُردُو

leg in English

  • leg
    expr. a leg up,
    a. assistance in climbing or getting over an obstacle, as in mounting a horse.
    Ex. The wall is very low, Sir, and your servant will give you a leg up (Dickens).
    b. (Figurative.) encouragement; support.
    Ex. He mig

  • leg
    expr. get on one's hind legs, to go into a rage.
    Ex. ""Don't get on your hind legs,"" returned Betty composedly (London Daily News).

  • leg
    expr. have not a leg to stand on, (Informal.) to have no defense or reason.
    Ex. When he is through adding up his last column of figures, the ... notion of a coup d'etat pulled off by big city bondholders hasn't a leg to stand on (Wall Street Journa

  • leg
    expr. legs, timbers used to support a ship upright when dried out.

  • leg
    expr. on one's last legs, about to fail, collapse, or die; at the end of one's resources.
    Ex. After the suppression of the revolutionary movement the Second Republic was on its last legs (Manchester Guardian Weekly).

  • leg
    expr. pull one's leg, (Informal.) to fool, trick, or make fun of one.
    Ex. ""When you write your piece,"" she giggled, ""I won't mind if you pull my leg--just a little"" (Maclean's).

  • leg
    expr. shake a leg, (Slang.)
    a. hurry up!.
    Ex. You'd better shake a leg or we'll miss our bus.
    b. to dance.
    Ex. The bandleader urged the couples to get up and shake a leg.

  • leg
    expr. stretch one's legs, to take a walk; get exercise by walking.
    Ex. The passengers got off the bus to stretch their legs after the long ride.

  • leg
    leg, noun, verb, legged,legging.

  • leg
    noun 1. one of the limbs on which people and animals stand and walk.
    Ex. Dogs stand on their four legs. A person uses his two legs in walking and running.
    2. the part of a garment that covers a leg.
    Ex. He fell and tore his pants' leg.

  • leg
    v.i. (Informal.) Usually, leg it.
    1. to walk or run.
    Ex. We could not get a ride, so we had to leg it.
    2. to do the work of a legman.
    Ex. [The] syndicated celebrity columnist ... has been legging it for 35 years (Time).

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