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reach in English

  • reach
    noun reacher.

  • reach
    noun 1. the act of stretching out; reaching.
    Ex. By a long reach, the drowning man grasped the rope.
    2. the extent or distance of reaching.
    Ex. out of one's reach. Food and water were left within reach of the sick dog.
    3. (Figur

  • reach
    reach, verb, noun.

  • reach
    v.i. 1. to stretch.
    Ex. to reach toward a book. A hand reached from the dark and seized him.
    2. to extend, as in space, time, or influence.
    Ex. a dress reaching to the floor. The United States reaches from ocean to ocean. (Figurative.)

  • reach
    v.t. 1. to get to; arrive at; come to.
    Ex. to reach the top of a hill, to reach the end of a book, to reach an agreement. Your letter reached me yesterday.
    (SYN) attain, gain.
    2. to stretch out; hold out; extend.
    Ex. to reach on

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