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strike in English

  • strike
    adj. strikeless.

  • strike
    expr. on strike, stopping work to get better pay or shorter hours, or to force an employer to agree to meet some other demand.
    Ex. Most of the workers voted to go on strike.

  • strike
    expr. strike an attitude. See under attitude.

  • strike
    expr. strike down,
    a. to knock down; overcome; defeat.
    Ex. Then is sin struck down like an ox (Shakespeare).
    b. (Figurative:)
    Ex. As early as 1936, the [Supreme] Court had begun striking down state criminal convictions based on

  • strike
    expr. strike off,
    a. to take off; cancel; remove.
    Ex. The first person who flouts her shall be struck off my visiting list (Matilda Betham-Edwards).
    b. to print.
    Ex. to strike off a hundred copies.

  • strike
    expr. strike out,
    a. to cross out; rub out.
    Ex. His name was struck out of the list of privy councillors (Macaulay).
    b. to fail to hit three pitches in baseball; be called out on strikes.
    Ex. The batter struck out.
    c. to

  • strike
    expr. strike up,
    a. to begin.
    Ex. to strike up a conversation. The two boys struck up a friendship.
    b. to begin or cause to begin to play, sing, or sound.
    Ex. to strike up a song. Strike up the band.
    c. to raise, as by ha

  • strike
    noun 1a. the act or fact of finding rich ore in mining or oil in boring.
    Ex. He made a rich strike in the Yukon. Drilling crews recently have hit at least ... seven strikes in the same vicinity (Wall Street Journal).
    b. (Figurative.) a sudde

  • strike
    strike, verb, struck,struckorstricken,or (Obsolete)strookorstrucken,striking,noun.

  • strike
    v.i. 1. to deal or aim a blow.
    Ex. to strike at a person with a whip.
    2. to tap, rap, or knock.
    Ex. He struck upon the window.
    3. to wound, or try to wound, prey with the fangs or sting.
    Ex. The snake struck at my hand.

  • strike
    v.t. 1. to deal a blow to; hit.
    Ex. He struck his enemy in anger. The ship struck a rock. The car struck a fence. Lightning struck the barn.
    (SYN) smite, beat, buffet, slap.
    2. to wound with fangs or sting.
    Ex. The snake struck

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