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worthy in Kashmiri कॉशुर

worthy in Nepali नेपाली

worthy in English

  • worthy
    adj. 1. having worth or merit.
    Ex. a worthy opponent. Helping the poor is a worthy cause.
    2. deserving; meriting.
    Ex. She helps the worthy poor.
    3. (Obsolete.) deserved or merited by default or wrongdoing; condign.

  • worthy
    expr. worthy of,
    a. deserving.
    Ex. His courage was worthy of high praise. Bad acts are worthy of punishment.
    b. having enough worth for.
    Ex. Your sentiments and conduct are worthy of the noble house you descend from (Scott).

  • worthy
    noun a person of great merit; admirable person.
    Ex. The Wright brothers stand high among American worthies.

  • worthy
    worthy, adjective, -thier,-thiest,noun, pl.-thies.

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