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arrow in English

  • arrow
    adj. arrowlike.

  • arrow
    arrow, noun, verb.

  • Arrow
    Arrow, noun. Sagitta.

  • arrow
    noun 1. a slender, pointed shaft or stick for shooting from a bow.
    2. anything like an arrow in shape or speed.
    Ex. (Figurative.) Arrows of lightning shot across the sky.
    3. a sign used to show direction or position in maps, on road s

  • arrow
    v.i. to move very swiftly, like an arrow.
    Ex. ... in less than three minutes, the plane arrowed upward to 75,000 feet (Newsweek).

  • arrow
    v.t. 1. to mark with an arrow to show direction or importance.
    Ex. The most important points are arrowed in the left margin.
    2. to move swiftly toward and penetrate, like an arrow.
    Ex. ... the pickerel would occasionally arrow the surf

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