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crest in Dogri डोगरी

crest in Hindi हिन्दी

crest in English

  • crest
    adj. crestlike.

  • crest
    crest, noun, verb.

  • crest
    noun 1. a tuft or comb on the head of a bird or animal.
    2a. a decoration of plumes or feathers on the top of a helmet.
    b. the apex or cone of a helmet.
    c. helmet.
    3. a decoration at the top of a coat of arms. A family crest is

  • crest
    v.i. 1. to form or rise into a crest.
    Ex. Wave upon wave crested during the storm.
    2. to reach its crest or highest point.
    Ex. At LaCrosse, Wis., the river crested at 17.7 feet, 5.7 feet above flood stage (New York Times).
    3. (D

  • crest
    v.t. 1. to furnish with a crest or cresting.
    2. to serve as a crest to; top; crown.
    Ex. The stately mansion crested the hill.
    3. to reach the crest or summit of (a hill, wave, or other inclined surface).

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