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kind in English

  • kind
    expr. after one's (or its) kind, (Archaic.) according to one's or its own nature.
    Ex. God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind (Genesis 1:25).

  • kind
    expr. in kind,
    a. in goods or produce, not in money.
    Ex. to make payments in kind.
    b. in something of the same sort.
    Ex. He returned their insults in kind by insulting them.
    c. in characteristic quality.
    Ex. differe

  • kind
    expr. kind of, (Informal.) nearly; almost; somewhat; rather.
    Ex. The room was kind of dark. This seemed kind of unfair.

  • kind
    expr. of a kind,
    a. of the same sort; alike.
    Ex. The cakes were all of a kind--chocolate.
    b. of a poor or mediocre quality.
    Ex. Two boxes and a plank make a table of a kind.

  • kind
    kind (1), adjective.
    1. doing good rather than harm; friendly; sympathetic.
    Ex. A kind girl tries to help people and make them happy. Taking a blind man across a street is a kind act. A kind and gentle heart he had (Oliver Goldsmith).

  • kind
    kind (2), noun.
    1. a class; sort; type; variety.
    Ex. He likes many kinds of candy. A kilt is a kind of skirt. What kind of cloth is this?
    2a. a natural group; race.
    Ex. the rabbit kind (Oliver Goldsmith). Snakes belong to the serp

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