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nasty in Dogri डोगरी

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nasty in Urdu اُردُو

nasty in English

  • nasty
    adj. 1. disgustingly dirty; filthy.
    Ex. a nasty room, a nasty person.
    (SYN) foul, squalid.
    2. morally filthy; vile.
    Ex. a nasty word, a nasty mind.
    (SYN) obscene, ribald, indecent.
    3. offensive to smell or taste; n

  • nasty
    nasty (1), adjective, -tier,-tiest,noun, pl.-ties.

  • nasty
    nasty (2), noun, pl.-ties.
    (Botany.) a tendency of a plant organ, such as a bud, petal, or leaf, to move in a direction determined especially by the nature and structure of the organ, rather than by external stimulus.

  • nasty
    noun a nasty person or thing.
    Ex. They've always been around, the nasties--disguised as merely unpleasant people, as persons with hateful, mean, offensive characters (Canadian Saturday Night).

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