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throat in English

  • throat
    expr. at each other's throat (or throats), fighting or quarrelling.
    Ex. Nations that had formerly been at each other's throats had learned to live together via the trade route (New York Times).

  • throat
    expr. cut one's throat, to defeat or destroy one; put an end to someone.
    Ex. Leaders who have been actively trying to cut each other's throats were suddenly enveloped in each other's arms (Time).

  • throat
    expr. have (or hold) by the throat, to have at one's mercy; hold in one's power.
    Ex. They can expect no public sympathy for ... an attempt to inflate their salaries to vast levels by, as a body, holding a proud airline by the throat (London Times).

  • throat
    expr. jump down one's throat, (Informal.) to attack or criticize a person with sudden violence.
    Ex. The fact that he has made a mistake is no excuse for jumping down his throat.

  • throat
    expr. lie in one's throat, to lie brazenly and boldly.
    Ex. Whoever charged him with the plot lied in his throat (Washington Irving).

  • throat
    expr. lump in one's throat. See under lump (1).

  • throat
    expr. ram (force, shove, or cram) down one's throat, to force (an opinion, situation, or circumstance) on one's acceptance.
    Ex. The referendum proposal had to be rammed down the throats of De Gaulle's unhappy ministers (Atlantic).

  • throat
    expr. stick in one's throat, to be hard or unpleasant to say.
    Ex. Amen stuck in my throat (Shakespeare).

  • throat
    noun 1. the front of the neck, containing the passages from the mouth to the stomach and lungs.
    Ex. She had a muffler wrapped around her throat.
    2. the passage from the mouth to the stomach or the lungs.
    Ex. A bone stuck in his throat.

  • throat
    throat, noun, verb.

  • throat
    v.t. 1. to utter from or in one's throat; speak or sing throatily.
    2. to provide with a narrow part or passageway; groove, flute, or channel.

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