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tongue in English

  • tongue
    adj. tonguelike.

  • tongue
    expr. at one's tongue's end, in readiness for saying or reciting at any time.
    Ex. to have names or dates at one's tongue's end.

  • tongue
    expr. give tongue to, to express.
    Ex. He gave tongue to his feelings.

  • tongue
    expr. give tongue, to bay, as hounds do at the sight of game.
    Ex. Coonhounds and other breeds give tongue when trailing game.

  • tongue
    expr. hold one's tongue, to keep still.
    Ex. ""Hold your tongue while I'm speaking!"" said father.

  • tongue
    expr. on (or at) the tip of one's tongue, on the point of being spoken; ready to be spoken.
    Ex. His name is on the tip of my tongue, but I can't seem to remember it. She had arguments at the tip of her tongue (Daniel Defoe).

  • tongue
    expr. on one's tongue, almost or ready to be spoken.
    Ex. The words had been on his tongue all the evening (Edith Wharton).

  • tongue
    expr. tongues, glassolalia.

  • tongue
    expr. wag one's tongue, to chatter; gossip.
    Ex. Every one who owed him a grudge would eagerly begin to wag his tongue (William H. Dixon).

  • tongue
    expr. with (one's) tongue in (one's) cheek, with sly humor; not to be taken seriously or literally; in a mocking manner.
    Ex. He spoke with tongue in cheek when he said he enjoyed doing all that homework. He enjoys needling the wrong kind of reader

  • tongue
    noun 1a. the movable fleshy organ in the mouth. The tongue is used in tasting and swallowing and, by people, for talking. Most vertebrate animals have tongues.
    b. a similar organ or part in an invertebrate animal.
    c. an animal's tongue used

  • tongue
    tongue, noun, verb, tongued,tonguing.

  • tongue
    v.i. 1. to use the tongue.
    2. to modify the tones of an instrument by tonguing.
    3. to talk volubly; prattle.
    Ex. Quiet, ye tonguing gossips!
    4. to project, as a strip of land or ice.
    5. to throw out jets, as of flame or

  • tongue
    v.t. 1. to modify the tones of (a flute, cornet, or other wind instrument) with the tongue.
    2a. to provide with a tongue.
    b. to join (boards) by fitting a tongue into a groove.
    3. to touch with the tongue or with a tongue.

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