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Comb in English

  • comb
    adj. combless.

  • comb
    adj. comblike.

  • comb
    comb (1), noun, verb.

  • comb
    comb (2), noun. combe.

  • comb
    noun 1a. a piece of metal, rubber, plastic, or bone, with teeth, used to arrange or straighten the hair, or to hold it in place.
    Ex. She ran a comb through her hair to get out the snarls.
    b. currycomb.
    2. anything shaped or used like

  • comb
    v.i. (of waves) to roll over or break at the top.

  • comb
    v.t. 1. to arrange or straighten with a comb.
    Ex. She combed her hair after coming in from the beach.
    2. to take out the tangles in (wool, flax, etc.) with a comb; card.
    3. to curry (a horse).
    4. to scrape or rake with an actio

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