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Pate in Urdu اُردُو

Pate in English

  • pate
    pate (1), noun.
    1a. the head.
    Ex. Let him to the Tower, And chop away that factious pate of his (Shakespeare).
    b. the top of the head.
    Ex. a bald pate.
    (SYN) crown.
    2. (Figurative.) brains.
    Ex. a notion fit for

  • pate
    pate (2), noun. pate.

  • pate
    pate, noun.
    1. a paste of finely chopped meat, liver, or the like, with spices and herbs, often served chilled and sliced.
    Ex. A superb pate made of saddle of hare, a chicken, a duck, two red partridges ... and a score of othe

  • pate
    pate, noun.
    1. paste (1).
    2. pottery or porcelain paste used in ceramics.

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