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  • guard
    adj. guardable.

  • guard
    expr. guards, certain groups of soldiers in the British Army, especially those attached to the royal household.
    Ex. Cholmondely, then in the guards, ran away at the battle of Dettingen (Joseph Jekyll).

  • guard
    expr. off (one's) guard, unprepared to meet a sudden attack; unwary.
    Ex. Temerity puts a man off his guard (Roger L'Estrange).

  • guard
    expr. on (one's) guard, ready to defend or protect; watchful.
    Ex. A sentry's job is to be on guard at his post. In like manner should the Reason be perpetually on its guard against the Passions (Alexander Pope).

  • guard
    guard, verb, noun.

  • guard
    noun guarder.

  • guard
    noun 1. a person or group that guards. A soldier or group of soldiers guarding a person or place is a guard.
    (SYN) defender, protector, sentry, sentinel.
    2. anything that gives protection; arrangement to give safety.
    Ex. a trigger gua

  • Guard
    Palatine Guards orGuard
    the militia of the Pope, on duty at Vatican City.

  • guard
    v.i. 1. to take precautions (against).
    Ex. to guard against errors.
    (SYN) safeguard, preserve.
    2. to keep guard or watch.
    3. to give protection.
    Ex. Disorder wounds Where it should guard (Shakespeare).

  • guard
    v.t. 1. to keep safe; watch over carefully; defend; protect.
    Ex. The dog guarded the child day and night. Mercy guard me (Milton).
    2. to keep from escaping; check; hold back.
    Ex. Guard the prisoners. Guard your temper.
    3. to try

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