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  • give
    expr. give away, (Informal.)
    a. to give as a present.
    Ex. She gave away her best toy.
    b. to hand over (a bride) to a bridegroom in marriage.
    Ex. The bride was given away by her father.
    c. to cause to be known; reveal; bet

  • give
    expr. give back, to return; restore.
    Ex. Give back the book you borrowed.

  • give
    expr. give ground. See under ground (1).

  • give
    expr. give in,
    a. to stop fighting and admit defeat; yield.
    Ex. A stubborn person will not give in easily even when he's wrong.
    b. to hand in.
    Ex. Names of competitors must be given in before the end of the month.

  • give
    expr. give it the gun. See under gun (1).

  • give
    expr. give it to, (Informal.) to punish or scold.
    Ex. His mother gave it to him for messing up the house.

  • give
    expr. give off, to send out; put forth.
    Ex. This lamp gives off a very bright light.

  • give
    expr. give or take, to add or subtract (a part).
    Ex. My income was $3,500, give or take the price of a beer (Powell Smiley).

  • give
    expr. give out,
    a. to send out; put forth.
    Ex. The bomb fell, giving out a huge flash of fire.
    b. to distribute.
    Ex. The supplies will be given out tomorrow.
    c. to make known; announce.
    Ex. Who has given out this in

  • give
    expr. give over,
    a. to hand over; deliver.
    Ex. Colonel Lambert gave over the young Virginian to Mr. Wolfe's charge (Thackeray).
    b. to devote.
    Ex. The main body of his book is given over to analyzing ... three writers (Listener).

  • give
    expr. give tongue. See under tongue.

  • give
    expr. give up,
    a. to hand over; deliver; surrender.
    Ex. He went to the police station to give himself up.
    b. to stop having or doing; abandon; relinquish.
    Ex. We gave up the search when it got dark.
    c. to stop trying. <

  • give
    expr. give way. See under way.

  • give
    expr. what gives? (Informal.) what is happening?
    Ex. ""Hey, what gives?"" demanded the men from security. ""This is security!"" (Punch).

  • give
    give, verb, gave,given,giving,noun.

  • give
    noun 1. a yielding to force or pressure.
    Ex. I could hear another sound--the slow sighing give of the floorboards (Atlantic).
    2. resilience; elasticity.

  • give
    v.i. 1. to make a gift or present.
    Ex. We give to several charities. It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).
    2. to yield to pressure or strain.
    Ex. the lock gave under hard pushing against the door.
    3. to adapt

  • give
    v.t. 1. to hand over as a present without pay.
    Ex. to give money to charity. He likes to give books to his friends. My brother gave me his watch.
    2. to hand over; deliver.
    Ex. to give a person into custody, give one's word. Give me tha

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